Keyword Research That Drives Results

Our proven keyword research strategy has been the first step to the creation of thousands of articles, millions of page views, and millions in sales. Start-ups, established marketing teams, and affiliate marketers have all used our services to kickstart and enhance their content marketing efforts. If you have the resources to conduct the research yourself, our entire process is outlined below

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Done For You Keyword Research

Just provide your website URL, industry, top competitors (optional), and goals. We take care of the rest.


Keyword Analysis

100+ keywords that are hyper-targeted for your business or niche.




+Titles and Categories

Everything in Start plus organization of keywords into topical clusters for easy category creation and 20+ SEO Titles.




+SEO Content Outlines

Everything in Launch plus 20 SEO-optimized Content Outlines with H2s, H3s, FAQs, and more.



What Is Included

Keyword Analysis

What It Is: Comprehensive analysis of 1,000+ keywords organized into topics that need to be on your website.

Process: We review your website, your goals, your top competitors, and your industry or niche. Using tools like ahrefs and RankIQ, we discover the best keywords for your website. These keywords are then filtered through Keyword Cupid to organize them into topical clusters that are ready to be written about.

Output: You receive a spreadsheet of top topics to write about, organized into topical clusters with expected volume and difficulty to rank.

Titles and Categories

What It Is: All of your topics are organized into categories and 20 of your best topics are given SEO-optimized titles.

Process: We manually review your keywords to identify the most promising content and write SEO-optimized and high converting titles. Additionally, all of the topics are properly categorized for easy structuring on your website.

Output: The spreadsheet from Keyword Analysis is supplemented with SEO titles and categories.

SEO Content Outlines

What It Is: 20 documents build around your most promising keywords that have SEO-optimized titles, H2s, H3s, FAQs, recommended word count, and recommended words.

Process: After identifying your top keywords, we use tools like SurferSEO to create detailed content outlines.

Output: You receive 20 Google Docs that are ready to be written and posted to your blog.

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