Build Links To Your Website With Terkel

Terkel is a platform that connects Publishers with Knowledge Experts. We represent you as a Knowledge Expert and answer publishers’ questions to acquire links for your website.

Here’s an ahrefs graph showing how we acquired 100+ new domains within 3 months:


Pricing has two components. First, a monthly service fee to pay for setup and Terkel Premium. Second, we charge when we secure DoFollow backlinks to your website. You can set maximum budgets for each campaign. We recommend a minimum of three months and $2,000 per month to see the best results.

$149 Per Month

+ Per DoFollow Backlink:

DR 10-29


DR 30-49


DR 50-69


DR 70-89


DR 90+


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Example Monthly Deliverable

Monthly ~$2,000 example:

$149 monthly fee
FREE DR 27 NoFollow link
$149 DR 42 DoFollow link
$299 DR 55 DoFollow link
FREE DR 62 NoFollow link
$449 DR 75 DoFollow Link
$449 DR 81 DoFollow Link
$599 DR 91 DoFollow Link


How Many Links Will You Acquire?

This depends on your business and its relevance to the available questions on Terkel. Our maximum capacity is answering approximately 100 questions a month for relevant businesses. Typically, we see about a 20% publish rate for answered questions. There can be a few weeks to a few months delay between when the question is answered to when it is published.

How Does Terkel Work?

  1. Publishers submit questions on Terkel’s platform to gather information for articles.
  2. Knowledge Experts answer the questions.
  3. Publishers publish an article with a reference to the Knowledge Expert’s website.

Is Terkel Like HARO?

Terkel is just like HARO but is newer and easier to use.