Top 10 B2B Ecommerce Websites to Consider In 2022

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In the literal meaning, B2B stands for; business-to-business which is a model that provides services and products to other businesses. This form of business carries a phenomenal value and generates high-rated profits. In the USA about 26% of the markets are in the B2B market. A B2B business has its exclusive features which include

  • Fast payment
  • Fixed prices
  • Fast and simple shipment  
  • Low volume orders

Different B2B markets have different structures in which they work. Buying from an online B2B platform is essential for business as it connects with verified buyers and sellers and opens new opportunities for expanding your business.

You can choose the marketplace according to your budget and category. Some of the best selected B2B e-commerce websites for 2002 are listed below.

List Of Top 10 B2B E-Commerce Website For 2022 


eWorldTrade is a globally acclaimed B2B platform which is famous for its swift solutions. It is a certified B2B platform providing all necessary functionalities to buyers and sellers. Their prestigious services are for brands to help them grow and achieve new horizons of success. eWorldTrade has been working in the industry for nearly a decade and is a highly reputable platform. 

It is not only a buying or selling platform but it looks for safe trading as well as meeting highest profits and impeccable growth of businesses. They are one stop-solution marketplace with cost-effective rates. eWorldTrade offers their clients with multiple packages to have the best experience. 


Made-In-China is a credible platform and is a hub of Chinese products. It is the platform where there are reliable Chinese traders which is why it is among the top 10 list. Made-In-China is promoting trade between two sides and has stood out as an international market.

Made-In-China has established in 1996, offering web-based solutions for SMEs. The platform was created to make trade easy and reliable and promotion of Chinese products in the international market. On the platform, each supplier has verification certification; by the world’s renowned inspection companies.  They conduct trade fairs to connect with verified exhibitors, face-to-face online meetings, and satisfactory prices.


Tradelaxy is another all-rounder platform benefitting small to medium-sized businesses from global trade. Tradelaxy gives an amazing opportunity to SMEs to grow on a global level and fight against every odd. They believe that small and medium-sized businesses are big businesses. So, they provide a platform for upscale business opportunities.

Tradelaxy is a reliable platform where buyers and sellers are based on 600 certifications. It makes it easier and more reliable for buyers and sellers. It allows for conducting trade. Sellers are allowed to manage and scale their products, availability, and prices through the dashboard.


Alibaba is a huge B2B platform that has 900 million active users. This B2B company achieved a revenue of 7.5 billion providing the best opportunity to Chinese manufacturers and sellers.

Alibaba gave tough competition to its competitors by increasing its sales to 1.1 trillion. Alibaba was founded in 1999 and has 160 million buyers and 60 billion sellers. This B2B platform holds an easy-to-navigate web portal with all the advanced features. 

Moreover, the website holds good content that draws the attention of a lot of consumers. The platform has been able to provide an enormous range of products. They have divided their products into numerous categories such as ready-to-ship products and customized products. 


FashionUnited is a global B2B fashion marketplace. This platform is free to sign-up and search for thousands of fashion products from around the world.  The platform has over 40,000 buyers with numerous products in apparel. It was established in 1998, connecting the broad and global fashion community. They are an independent platform channeling the insights from international trade and are looking to make trade more efficient.

FashionUnited has a core strategic value that shapes the character of the company.  Three values are guardianship, user value content, and one leading global network. These core values define FashionUnited aiming to make a mutual lifetime commitment.


DHGate is a global platform selling products globally. They start their business from the lowest price of $01. The platform has verified and certified sellers from around the world.

They are committed to trading in easy, fast and safe business transactions. They have compelling websites where all the products are sold at cost-effective rates. 


Kinnek is a growing B2B platform with small to medium sized businesses offering products at cost-effective rates. It is a trustable name in the B2B market where suppliers can make an established online business. Kinnek has worked with over 600 suppliers and is empowering small business owners in making more informed decisions and purchases. 

It is a buyer’s centric market instead of focusing on sellers. The buyers can contact the Kinnek representatives and they connect them with a suitable vendor.

They are fully versed in their system when it comes to selecting reliable suppliers and connecting based on budgets and costs. They have expanded their platform and are focusing on multiple industries such as chemical equipment and hospitality supplies. 

EC Plaza 

EC Plaza is a Korean-based B2B platform now operating in more than 3 languages. EC Plaza is an Asian platform that is working globally to make trade hassle-free. The platform was launched in 1996 and is growing as a top B2B platform.

EC Plaza is not only a B2B platform but it helps in consultation related to trade and conducting trade shows. There are millions of products posted on the website each divided into a distinct category.


eBay is an Indian name of the B2B industry working as a top-notch B2B platform. eBay has invested its time over the years to provide the best shopping experience in every category. eBay business supply is a separate wing dealing with B2B transactions.

They have gained over $780 billion in profit and are growing more to become a top B2B marketplace.

Global Sources 

Global Sources is a worldwide B2B platform serving the best products to its clients. It is another one-stop solution with Chinese-centric manufacturers.

They have a wide directory of buyers and suppliers to make the shopping experience the finest. Global Sources is associated with fair trade programs that allows them to work on rules of international trade.


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